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      The WebMechanix Team is an experienced group of: Marketers, Developers, Designers, Geeks, Problem-Solvers and most importantly - great personalities.

      Chris Mechanic Chris Mechanic

      Chris Mechanic

      CEO & Co-Founder

      Arsham Mirshah Arsham Mirshah

      Arsham Mirshah

      CEO & Co-Founder

      Dave Brong Dave Brong

      Dave Brong

      Chief Technology Officer

      Derek Cavaliero Derek Cavaliero

      Derek Cavaliero

      Director of Development

      Jerry Moyer Jerry Moyer

      Jerry Moyer

      Head of Talent

      Jarrett Fleagle Jarrett Fleagle

      Jarrett Fleagle

      Director of Business Strategy

      Shlomo Trachtenberg Shlomo Trachtenberg

      Shlomo Trachtenberg

      Strategy Director

      Luke Gracie Luke Gracie

      Luke Gracie

      Director of Strategy

      Josh Muskin Josh Muskin

      Josh Muskin

      Sr. Director of Accounts

      Bart Heird Bart Heird

      Bart Heird

      Creative Director

      Walt Irby Walt Irby

      Walt Irby

      Lead Web Developer

      Sarah Breitschwerdt Sarah Breitschwerdt

      Sarah Breitschwerdt

      Project Manager / Web Developer

      Mike Hennessie Mike Hennessie

      Mike Hennessie

      Senior Web Developer

      Camille Bosley Camille Bosley

      Camille Bosley

      Client Success Manager

      Nick Brown Nick Brown

      Nick Brown

      Client Success Manager

      Jax Jax


      Certified Good Dog

      Justin Kalaskey Justin Kalaskey

      Justin Kalaskey

      UX/CRO Designer

      Teddy Teddy


      Chief Barketing Officer

      Joe Manson Joe Manson

      Joe Manson

      Senior Web Developer

      Alex Swope Alex Swope

      Alex Swope

      Client Success Manager

      Maria Cataldi Maria Cataldi

      Maria Cataldi

      Office Manager

      Tyler Robinson Tyler Robinson

      Tyler Robinson

      Client Success Manager

      Anne Rubin Anne Rubin

      Anne Rubin

      Client Success Manager

      Tyler Carson Tyler Carson

      Tyler Carson

      Associate Director

      Will Chou Will Chou

      Will Chou

      Internal Marketing Strategist

      Amanda Hoyle Amanda Hoyle

      Amanda Hoyle

      Digital Marketing Strategist

      Patrick Mead Patrick Mead

      Patrick Mead

      Digital Marketing Strategist

      Stacey Heubeck Stacey Heubeck

      Stacey Heubeck

      Digital Marketing Strategist

      Jessica Haines Jessica Haines

      Jessica Haines

      Junior Digital Designer

      Odunola Abubakar Odunola Abubakar

      Odunola Abubakar

      Digital Marketing Strategist

      Casey Hawkins Casey Hawkins

      Casey Hawkins

      Digital Marketing Strategist

      Stephanie Hertl Stephanie Hertl

      Stephanie Hertl

      Digital Marketing Strategist

      Anthony Snively Anthony Snively

      Anthony Snively

      Operations Strategist

      Taylor Mathauer Taylor Mathauer

      Taylor Mathauer

      Digital Marketing Strategist

      Michael Sack Michael Sack

      Michael Sack

      Digital Marketing Strategist

      Charlee Boone Charlee Boone

      Charlee Boone

      Senior Digital Marketing Strategist

      Sullivan (Sully) Sullivan (Sully)

      Sullivan (Sully)

      Puperations Director

      Nick Winikoff Nick Winikoff

      Nick Winikoff

      Digital Marketing Strategist

      Spencer Wesley Spencer Wesley

      Spencer Wesley

      Senior Account Manager

      Ashley Illenye Ashley Illenye

      Ashley Illenye

      Digital Marketing Intern

      McKenna DeBandi McKenna DeBandi

      McKenna DeBandi

      Junior Web Developer

      Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim

      Mohamed Ibrahim

      Digital Strategist

      Ashley Young Ashley Young

      Ashley Young

      Senior Account Manager

      Dennis Zechman Dennis Zechman

      Dennis Zechman

      Digital Designer

      Buffy Buffy


      Innovation Paw-ficer

      Joanna Nagle Joanna Nagle

      Joanna Nagle

      Digital Marketing Strategist

      Jonathan Janis Jonathan Janis

      Jonathan Janis

      Digital Marketing Strategist

      Mike Kroptavich Mike Kroptavich

      Mike Kroptavich

      Junior Digital Designer